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In a nutshell

We’re an IT consulting agency, helping our clients to secure their cloud and on-premise deployments. We are not selling promises — we are building solutions.

Our Services

Leverage cutting-edge Cloud native applications and AIoT solutions to transform your business operations and drive innovation.

AI model integration

Unleash the potential of your data with advanced AI processing. Utilize technologies like the Nvidia Triton Inference Server for real-time data inference, AI model deployment, orchestration, and MLOps to enhance your analytical capabilities.

IoT and SCADA system

Solve issues related to collecting and routing operation data, and creating custom business logic and dashboards. Employ advanced IoT and SCADA frameworks such as Tridium Niagara and Node-RED, alongside message brokers like RabbitMQ, to streamline your operations.

Custom software development

Move beyond existing limitations by developing your own driver interfaces, business logic modules, or REST APIs. Utilize the Niagara4 JAVA framework, FastAPI Python library, and VueJS 3 & Nuxt JavaScript to build robust custom modules and web applications.

Cloud architecture

Deploy your cloud-native applications in a scalable environment. Automate repetitive tasks with GitOps methodology and enhance quality assurance through continuous testing. Use cloud-agnostic Terraform for provisioning across AWS and Azure, integrate DevOps automation with GitHub Actions, and orchestrate your microservices stack with Docker, Compose, Kubernetes, and Traefik API gateway.

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